Sooo Pretty Girls at Camp


Sooo Pretty Girls Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization based in Newark, NJ. Its mission is to promote and empower girls to create a positive self image and maintain a high self esteem. Through various programming and training initiatives, we will provide tools to develop, enhance, and strengthen social skills, self esteem and technical skills that will lead to success. Our goal is to create an environment where girls are encouraged to combine traditional values and contemporary principles to become leaders.

“The confidence that my child gained after attending a camp was incredible.”

S Wilson

“Talk about a transformation, I’ve never seen my child so happy & confident.”

Mary H

“My child has always been shy, but after a Sooo Pretty camp, she has an entirely new attitude!”

Brenda S


The vision of Sooo Pretty Girls is to become the premiere organization that works to improve the self esteem and self image of our young girls.

We believe that our young girls benefit from learning skills that ultimately boost their self esteem, enhance their social skills, and promote positive self images. With the right blend of both academics and social training there is nothing that the girls cannot achieve!


The young women who participate in Sooo Pretty Girls activities, walk away with a renewed sense of self awareness and courage!

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